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More About Us

Our Services.

We are an IT consulting firm that functions as your in-house IT department. In supporting all of your information technology networking needs, we will ensure that you receive personalized service and top quality results. Our services have been trusted by the community for twenty years.

Network Consulting.

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure all of their current and future needs are met. As the world gets more evolved, it is our job to make ensure your network evolves with you as well.

Network Security Consulting.

We analyze and monitor your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, so that you can have peace of mind knowing your data is secure. We are compliant with all the major government requirements to include PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA.

Remote Access.

If you need to remotely access your network or even an individual computer, we can help! We understand that your world doesn't stop at 5PM, and we can ensure you are able to work securely from anywhere. It is that remote connectivity that also allows us to quickly respond to your support needs for any issues not requiring an onsite presence.

Application Support.

We support many types of software programs so that your organization can efficiently and effectively fulfill business objectives. As an additional (and highly valued) service to our customers, software application training programs are also available.

Critical Support.

In addition to traditional IT support, we also pride ourselves in excelling in the areas of support that are not always so obvious. We care about you and your business, and if we encounter something that that is outside the usual scope of our work (such as an unreliable telephone system) we can use our vast business relationship infrastructure to put you in touch with someone who can help. We will never leave you with support.

What Makes Us Different.

We are not resellers, which means we help you make decisions based on what is best for you and not what we happen to have in stock. We do not "push" one technology over another, rather we work with you to help you decide what with help further your business.

Who Are We.

Carolina Information Technology Resource Corporation is a complete IT solutions provider with a strong emphasis on network and data security. We are a group of dedicated professionals whose core philosophy embodies our strong commitment to providing superior support and expertise to our clients. Using our unique backgrounds and knowledge bases, we are able to provide exemplary levels of service to many industries and professions.

Our Process.

If you think you might need IT support, the first step is to contact us. We will be happy to discuss what your needs might be. The second step would be for us to come meet with you, and view your current IT infrastructure. There is absolutely no cost or obligation on your part. The following step (also free of charge) would be a written proposal clearly stating what we envision our support for you would entail, and exactly what it would cost. There are never any surprises; for this reason our client retention rate exceeds 99% and several have been with us for almost two decades.

Our Mission.

We strive to provide the highest possible level of service to you, our client. We believe that integrity, honesty and clear communication is essential to building and maintaining business relationships. We will never recommend, sell, or even advertise any service that is not in your best interest.

Our Approach.

We have adopted an approach that focuses on the customer's needs and IT services. We continuously strive to make your experience better by implementing and managing IT Systems that are usable and secure.

Our Goal.

Implement quality IT services that meet the needs of our customers through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.

Job Opportunities.

We are currently hiring, including opportunities for apprenticeships! If you have an interest, and an aptitude, please contact us today at president@citrc.com.

Get In Touch With Us.

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We feel that by keeping our client list confidential, we are able to provide maximum data and network security. This allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. References are of course available, so please fill out our online information form and we will contact you immediately.

Main Office:

21 Welcome Street
Brevard, NC
28712 USA

Contact Numbers:

Phone: (828) 333 4956